Animation Rubric: 30 Points Total

storyboard/planning Draws up plans after the project is almost finished 3 Storyboard planning used for part of production. No critiques during week between class. 6 Shows storyboard in class during week. Has production notes to indicate planning throughout project. Shows work to others, gets feedback, records comments. Displays ability to self-critique, edit and improve and seek out assistance when having trouble with project. 7
Narrative Needs more structure. 1

Strong overall story, could use more attention to one section for a more balanced piece:

Most successful point:


Point to improve:



7 Clear beginning, middle end. Shows attention to how to open a sequence, keep viewer interest, & then conclude a sequence. Storyline - concept readily apparent to the audience. 8
Oral Presentation & Critique *** Departmental policy is that failure to attend critique results in a "0" for that project. **** **

****real documented medical emergency/event prevents from attending critique. Evidence that work was done by the due date START of class. Completes a written critique of classmate's projects - 1 page per student within timeframe arranged with instructor. (about 1 week). Gives copy of critique to each student and instructor.******* To receive these points rather than a "0," situation must be discussed with instructor.

2 Arrives on time for critique. Presents work & discusses how it developed . Critiques work of others. An html file, .fla file, .swf file all labeled, in a folder, with your name on folder and deposited into the 377 drop folder. 3
Technical items made in scene rather than as symbols stored in library. Several broken tweens. Needs more than 1 hours time to improve. 1

Most tweens work. A few dotted lines or organizational issues but overall less than 1 hours worth of technical tweaking needed.:

See layer (s) Frame(s)




2 Tweens work. All elements of the animation labeled and stored in the library. Tweens on separate layers. Sound on a separate layer. Layers labeled. 3
Character/form artistry Several visual elements need significant editing/improvements . Strongest visuals in the piece are: 1

One or two characters/elements could use some editing - perhaps adding more detail. Perhaps adding more moving parts. Perhaps need more attention to color contrast/harmonies. These characters/elements are: :


2 Displays attention to color choices, line quality. Whether realistically drawn or more abstract, characters and background sets are presentable in the context of an art class/art department. Use of bitmaps & illustrator images is fine if you don't like drawing by hand. 3
Animation Structure/ Composition

Things a little random in placement. Try to get the whole piece at the same level of composition that works quite well in:



1 Interesting moments - could be developed further - ie. paying more attention to edges. Places to revise composition are: 2 Pays attention to how objects sit in the entire frame. Considers where things exit and enter the stage- how they move in space on the screen. Shows attention to scale of objects. 3
Animation Motion

This animation might need more movement to reinforce story. Or, some of the movements are distracting from the overall concept -too busy. Best points in the sequence to model are:



1 Overall solid animation sequence.- could use some more innovation in certain areas such as: 2 Attention to timing, rhythm - how objects move through space. Interesting use of tweens to reinforce story concept. Movement and the storyline work together. 3