College Teaching

In graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder, I designed my own curriculum and taught beginning photography classes. I moved to Pittsburgh where I taught, as a lecturer in the art Department at Carnegie Mellon University. From September 2003 until June 2006, I taught digital imaging in the art department at the University of Massachusetts, Boston (Umass).

Topics covered include: photography, Flash, Director, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, art history, media criticism (new this semester!) graphic design, public/community-based art and interdisciplinary installation.

Additionally, Spring semester 2006, I was invited as guest artist to Worcester State College to lead an activist art/digital media workshop series for students in a community health course.

Links to College Teaching:
• Samples of art, syllabi, & lesson plans from Umass

• Sample of photos from the University of Colorado
• Sample of digital art from Carnegie Mellon

Community Arts Education/Outreach/Non-traditional Classes
In 2004, I joined the founding faculty as the digital photography teacher for the inaugural year of a program at Harvard University, the Crimson Summer Academy (CSA). Please see for more details about this new community outreach program at Harvard serving public high school students from Boston and Cambridge. I developed the curriculum and teach all courses in digital photography for the Crimson Summer Academy. I am also their graphic designer and webmaster.

From 1992-1998 I worked as an instructor and also as the media arts lab manager at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, a community development corporation in Pittsburgh, PA. I ordered equipment, set up the lab, and designed curriculum. From 1998-2000 I worked as a media specialist at the Boston Arts Academy, a public high school for the arts.

Links to Community Arts Education:
• Crimson Summer Academy, Cambridge, MA
(password to see student artwork available by request)
• Boston Arts Academy, Boston, MA
• Camp Telecom, Boston, MA
• Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, PIttsburgh, PA

Images to the left and below show student work from an Introduction to Media Arts class for high school students that I taught at the Boston Arts Academy. Students created a series of contemplative, community-orientated posters aimed at mass transit commuters. Two posters were offset printed and hundreds were posted inside Boston subway trains during the summers of '99 and '00. Above is a rough draft of the collaborative "What Are You Working for?" poster. Below is Orlando Arroyo's poster, "Without Art Wouldn't Life be Kind of Plain?"

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