From 1992 until 1998 I had the pleasure of working at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild (MCG), a nonprofit community development corporation for the arts in Pittsburgh, PA. MCG serves students from the public schools in the city of Pittsburgh during the day in their schools and after school at the MCG facility. I started teaching in the photography lab and then had the opportunity to set up a digital imaging lab and conduct a range of projects with students. My job title was Computer Lab Manager. I maintained equipment, taught students, and assisted teachers from other departments.

Here are links to just a few of projects that I worked on with students. The pink swirl goes to a sample student-designed exhibition page from 1996. The pillows lead to excerpts from a two-year digital artistic collaboration with the Mattress Factory Museum. The students photographed gallery spaces at the Mattress Factory, digitally deleted the interiors and then created their own virtual installations. They also had a real exhibition with oversized prints of all their designs and a computer terminal featuring the web installation. The lower image is from our student staff alphabet installation. At Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, I did mostly collaborative, project-based teaching. For example, working with the ceramics instructors, I helped students embed digital images directly into ceramic tiles. In the summer of 1998, we all worked on "Dig," an interdisciplinary community garden installation event and summer art school adventure.

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