From the Fall of 1998 until the Spring of 2000 I worked as a media specialist at the Boston Arts Academy
, a public high school for the visual and performing arts in Boston, Massachusetts. I taught computer arts electives, set up the initial web site, and did some graphic design for school publications.

Below: Links to screen shots from the web site from the "What Are You Working For?" public poster project, 1999. Students worked as a team collaborating on one design. The project/class focused on a range of skills - team building, brainstorming, long term production planning, visual design, computer graphics, community outreach and marketing. The students designed a message to raise community awareness. Hundreds of posters were placed in Boston MBTA subway cars. I invited other professionals such as a writing teacher and outside graphic designer to visit the classroom and collaborate on the project. The project won a printing industry award and students were invited to speak about their achievements at the Boston Museum of Science as part of the Boston Cyberarts Festival.

Below: "What are the Arts? Each student designed their own poster on the theme of the arts. and presented it in an exhibition in the school gallery. Students and staff then voted on which poster to mass produce for display in the Boston subway train system.

Below: Curriculum page sample from BAA intro to media arts classes.

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public art

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