UMASS, Art 297: Introduction to Digital Imaging: Drawing with a Mouse

Assignment #1: Drawing & Painting with a Mouse
"This assignment focuses on becoming comfortable with the drawing and painting tools in Photoshop. You should choose an object to draw that you can bring to class and that truly exists in the "real world". You should complete 3 different sketches of the object, each focusing on different styles of art. The first image should reflect an Impressionist view (focusing on light and color and soft edges); the second will be more Abstract in nature (breaking up the image into shape, form, and color), and the third manipulation should be more Realist (try to draw and paint the image looking natural, photographic and or hyper-real). Complete these manipulations and save them in a folder with your name on it. Then copy it to the Art 297 drop folder on the server. All layers will need to be flattened and images should be 5x7 inches. Also, the resolution should remain at 72 dpi."