Parents wearing the "Save BPS Arts tee shirts". Text on the back reads: "The Educate America Act named the arts as a core academic subject, as important to education as English, mathematics, social sciences, science and foreign languages."

DVD with highlights of student arts achievements given to politicians and the school committee on Lobby Day for Boston Public Schools.


"Scales of Justice" poster design affixed to pillars, covers of the lobbying packets and also the podium where the politicians spoke. Shown is mayor Thomas Menino of Boston.

Fellow BPS parent, Kenneth, holds poster I designed with a quote from his public testimony against the budget cuts.

Parents holding posters that I designed to raise awareness of the devastating effects of the FY2010 proposed budget cuts.


Project: Public designs, posters, tee shirts, DVD covers for Boston parents Lobby Day at the Massachusetts State House, 3/26/09, to protest massive budget cuts to Boston Public Schools (BPS). Approx. 700 parents participated and numerous politicians and civic leaders spoke.

Role: Concepts & visual design for "Save BPS Arts" t-shirts that were worn by parents and the high school band that played at this event. Concept & visual design for posters that expressed BPS parent's concern over hundreds of teacher layoffs. The budget is still under debate.

"Canned Corn" posters were taped to pillars throughout the MA Statehouse "Grand Staircase" area where the rally was held.