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Title: Water Ways
Date: 2011
Materials: Twelve 21x21" digital prints and one Google Map with videos

Artist: Lisa Link

Artes Magazine: Artists and Environmental Change: The Elusive Power of Contemporary Art, by Elaine A. King

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Notes: “Water Ways” developed out of a series of conversations with scientists and residents in the Boston area and explores the relationship between water and humans in our coastal city. Through my job as a web designer at UMass Boston, I was lucky to be assigned to projects with two leading scientists, Anamarija Frankic, PhD, director of the Green Boston Harbor Project and Sarah Oktay, PhD, director of the UMass Boston Nantucket Field station. They inspired me to take a closer look at the water that surrounds ourcampus. I got to ride in the UMass Boston “pump out boat” and witness how the Green Boston Harbor Project is cleaning up the harbor one vessel at a time, transporting raw sewage that would otherwise get dumped right into the ocean. At the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, I learned of the positive impact that public policy has had on our harbor and drinking water in recent years.

At the time I finished these prints, the Republican controlled House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, which attacks environmental safeguards and blocks the EPA from restoring Clean Water Act protections for many of the nation’s most vulnerable waterways, including those that feed into drinking water supplies for more than 117 million Americans. Their legislation is a stark reminder of the need for constant vigilance over the substance that covers 70% of our planet and comprises between 55 and 78% of our bodies.


Thank you to the following people for their time in meeting with me to talk about water: Anamarija Frankic, PhD, Director Green Boston Harbor Project; Andrea C. Rex, PhD, Director Environmental Quality Department Massachusetts Water Resources Authority; Blanca Bonilla, Admissions Coordinator, Boston Arts Academy; Christine Poff, Executive Director Franklin Park Coalition; Dan Codiga, PhD, University of Rhode Island; Jill Eskenazi, Education Activist; Joshua Das, Project Manager, Public Health Massachusetts Water Resources Authority; Julie Teibel, UMass Boston; Ketty Rosenfeld, Northeastern University; Lisa Greber, PhD Candidate, UMass Boston; Raquel Jacobson-Peregrino, Science Teacher Boston Latin School; Sarah Oktay, PhD Director of the UMass Boston Nantucket Field station; Tom Webster, PhD, Boston University School of Public Health. Would you like to participate in Water Ways? Contact, waterways21@gmail.com A special thanks to Carolyn Speranza, Melissa Hiller and the American Jewish Museum for making this exhibit possible. Lisa Link, 2011