Cover photograph for "Sprung" published by San Francisco Bay Press, author is Laura Madeline Wiseman.

Portraits of Molly Scott, Choreographer, Boulder, CO
(these are analog silverprints)






Collaboration with Nancy Seitz, Choreographer, Boulder, CO





PR Photographs of Cle Douglas Backyard Dance Theatre, Cambridge, MA(also danced in company)



Documentary Photographs of Images in Motion Dance Company, Boulder, Colorado





PR Photographs for the Boston Arts Academy Theater Department, Boston, MA




PR Photographs for the University of Colorado Theatre and Dance Department, Boulder, CO



I earned my MFA in photography from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I began work as a dance photographer and did documentary and production work with a company of differently-abled adults, "Images in Motion", collaborative work with local choreographers and PR work for a University as shown on the left. When I encountered Photoshop in the 1990s, I switched my emphasis to historic documentary and created and produced a traveling exhibition on women's history that toured nationally for over ten years.