Tired of making up excuses for those unsightly cuts and bruises you got from walking into walls, tripping down stairs, or stepping into oncoming traffic while texting, gaming or watching cat videos on your mobile device? The iBag app automatically deploys and softens the impact of those awkward moments so you can face the day and your loved ones without having to explain yourself yet again.


Follow your vote in real time. Alerts if vote switches candidates, not counted, converted to hanging chad, dumped by the side of the road or deleted. Receipt updates with your vote as compared to the total tally - was it the "deciding" one? Now you can know for sure that your vote counted (or not). Reminders about voter registration, polling places, and registration rules by state and county.

imaginary app


Title: Two prints for the The Imaginary App. Curators Paul D. Miller a. k. a. DJ Spooky and Svitlana Matviyenko
Date: 2013
Materials: 16x20 Prints
Artists: Lisa Link with brainstorming input by Michael Loran.

Notes: The Imaginary App, Curators Paul D. Miller a. k. a. DJ Spooky and Svitlana Matviyenko Curatorial assistant Grant Dempsey. Exhibit at the Museum London, Ontario, Canada, September/October 2013,


At "Artisphere", Arlington, Va, Oct 23, 2013 - Feb. 9, 2014.