Updated ever other month:
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Medium: Digital photo by iMac built in camera, edited in imovie. Begun October, 2006, currently lasts about two minutes.

Daily/ritual documentation of office space. Documentation began with job and will continue
as long as I'm working in front of a computer all day. Began as a response to spending long
hours away from family and reflecting, for the first time in years, on the unnatural environment
where I spend most of my waking hours. In January 2008, I started to add audio that combines
personal narrative and economic research andresponds to the economic attacks on working and
middle-class women by the Reagan/Bush policies.

Shown at:

Below, in the Creative Arts Workshop, entrance to the Hilles Gallery.


Below: At the opening, monitors with the video art facing street in Malden center.
Okay, so I didn't expose correctlly for this. Also, Marjorie Kaye (curator of Gallery 181)
Pam Pritzker and me in the lobby of the MATV building with monitor shown reflected
in the glass.