“IF I Worked for 493 Years”

If this looks pixellated then go directly to the Youtube link below for this video and select "Watch in High Quality" in the lower right corner directly under the video.


Medium: Digital photo by iMac built in camera, edited in imovie. Begun October, 2006, currently lasts about three minutes. Daily/ritual documentation of office space. Combines personal narrative and economic research and responds to the economic attacks on working-class and middle-class women by the Reagan/Bush policies and the resulting "bailout" of the financial sector at the expense of the middle class.


Below, in the Creative Arts Workshop, entrance to the Hilles Gallery.


Below: At the opening, monitors with the video art facing street in Malden center. Okay, so I didn't expose correctlly for this. Also, Marjorie Kaye (curator of Gallery 181) Pam Pritzker and me in the lobby of the MATV building with monitor shown reflected in the glass.

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