Lisa Link has devoted two years to a thorough and thoroughly inventive poster series about the struggle for reproductive rights. Her "Warnings," which draw frightening historical parallels between Germany sixty years ago and the US today, have to be taken seriously, have to be taken to heart and have to be taken to your neighborhood/workplace/school."

-- Lucy R. Lippard, author, activist, Z magazine columnist, 1992

Print Reviews & Media Coverage of the Warnings Exhibit (listed by date)

Artist in Action: Lisa Link Makes Opportunities Available, January 1, 2008. Words of Choice Blog, written by NYC playwrite Cindy Cooper.
Artwork depicts the politics behind the abortion debate, Alexandria Clark, 4/3/07 the BG News (Bowling Green)
Interview on the Fund for Women Artists Web Site, January 2006 Special Issue on 3 artists and reproductive health care., feature:
Interview by Lauren Madeline Weisman and gallery of artwork featured in Nov/Dec 2004 issue of new online women's magazine. Published from Portland, OR for the web.
Channel 56 Pasadena /55 KPAS, feature:
"Artist of the Month," Pasadena, CA May, 2003.
Laurie Shrage
, Abortion and Social Responsibility: Depolarizing the Debate. New York, Oxford University Press, 2003. (one of the featured artists in the book)
"Exhibit Issues ‘Warnings’ about Politics, Propaganda and Power"
Brenda Bolinger, Claremont Courier, May 7, 2003.
“Art speaks of political discourse,”
Philip E. Bishop Orlando Sentinel, October 23, 2001.
"'Reproduction' art,"
Liz Langley, Orlando Weekly, October 18, 2001.
"An Unmistakable Message,"Tom Patterson, Winston-Salem Journal, Sunday, September 17, 2000.
"Beyond Black and White: 'Wake Up Little Susie' and 'Warnings' Examine the History
of Women and Reproduction,"
Elizabeth Varughese, Recess, Vol. 1, #2, November 12, 1998.
"Exhibit explores reproductive freedom, rights,"
Diane Lederman, Springfield Union News, September 17, 1997.
"Exhibits reflect grim realities," Gloria Russell, Springfield Sunday Republican. September 14, 1997.
Video Documentary on Art Exhibits & Panel Discussion at Hampshire College Amberst Community Access Televsion. Richard Trueswell Producer.
"Emerson Gallery Features Two Installations in Reproductive Rights Exhibits,"
Christian Tico, Spectator (Clinton, NY). February 7, 1997.
"Art and Issues," Jonas Kover The Observer -Dispatch (Clinton, NY). January, 15, 1997.
"Sleeth Gallery gives warning and wake up call," Emily Hopta, The Pharos (Buckannon). November 8, 1996.
"Art Work Reflects History of Abortion," Daily Kansan. March 8, 1996.
"Anti-Abortion Activists protest Art Exhibit," Associated Press, PioneerPress (St. Paul). September 21, 1995.
"Anti-Abortion Activists Blast MSU Art Exhibit," Associated Press, Wahpeton Daily News. September 20, 1995.
"Abortion Opponents Protest," Associated Press, Daily News-Tribune (Virginia, MN). September, 20, 1995.
"Abortion Opponents Denounce Art Exhibit," Associated Press, Bismark Tribune. September 20, 1995.
"Abortion Foes Protest Exhibit in Moorhead," Associated Press, Minot Daily News. Sept. 20, 1995.
"MSU Art Exhibit Prompts Protests," Associated Press, Daily Times. (Crookaton, MN). September 19, 1995.
"MSU Art Exhibit Sparks Pro-life Protest," Craig McEwen, The Forum (Fargo). September 19, 1995.
WDAY TV, Fargo-Moorhead. Featured story on the evening news, September 18, 1995.
"Warnings on view at Moorhead State University Gallery,"
The Forum (Fargo). August 27, 1995.
"Art Reviews," George Oswalt, Oklahoma Gazette. May 18, 1995.
"Digital Planet: Artists Get Lost in Cyberspace," Brad Summerhill, Nevada Weekly. February 15-21, 1995 p. 14.
Digital Identities: Technologies of Meaning, exhibition catalogue, Joseph DeLappe, 1995.
Jewish Women Transcending Time, exhibition catalogue, Marilyn Lande, Denver, CO, 1994.
"Grid of Choice," Ann Elliott Sherman, Metro. Sept. 15 - 21, 1994 p. 38.
"Group Rips Specter on Health Reform," Todd Gutnick, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. August 18, 1994, p. A4 (photo with artwork). .
"Lisa Link's Progressive Propaganda," Charles Rosenblum, In Pittsburgh. Sept. 2, 1993, p. 30.
Bridges: A Journal For Jewish Feminists and Our Friends. Featured Artist. Spring, 1993 pp. 27-38.
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"Wake Up Little Susie," Mary Jean Porter, The Sunday Chieftain. (Colorado) March 7, 1993,section D, p.1.
"Pawns and Pain: Pro-Choice Exhibit Gives Hard Edged View," Sally Norman, Fort Collins Coloradon. February 19, 1993, Section B, p. 1.
"Art Exhibits Show Dangers of Repeating the Past," Kerry R. Nelson, Collegian. (Colorado) February 4, 1993, p. 17.
"Three Art Exhibits," a documentary on three Jewish women artists by Marilyn Lande. Aired Channel 57, DCTV, Denver, January, 1993.
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Public Culture , Vol. 1, 1992, Number 5. Back cover.
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"Hemispheres." Interview. KGNU Public Radio, Colorado.
"Pro-Choice Artist, Lisa Link," Julie Karson, The Commentator. (New York) April 1, 1992 p. 9.
"Art at Hillel Center Offers Us Reflections of the Holocaust," David Alan, Colorado Daily. March 31, 1992, p. 12.
"Pro-Choice Art Tackles Tough Subject: Seeks to Mobilize Support," David Alan, Colorado Daily. January 17-19, 1992, pp. 31, 38.

Reviews: Collaborative Exhibitions

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“West End Workshop Will Develop Art for Use on Buses,”
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Post-Gazette. October 14, 1993 section C, p. 1.
“Literacy Mural,” KDKA-TV2, Pittsburgh. September 10, 1993.
“Windows of Opportunity,” Margie Romero, In Pittsburgh. April 15, 1993 p. 30.

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