The Imaginary App, Curators Paul D. Miller a. k. a. DJ Spooky and Svitlana Matviyenko Curatorial assistant Grant Dempsey. Exhibit at the Museum London, Ontario, Canada, September/October 2013


Water Ways: A project for Too Shallow for Diving: The21st Century is Treading Water at the American Jewish Museum, May 14-July28, 2011.
Curated by Carolyn Speranza Pittsburgh Post Gazette Review

A collaboration with Io Palmer: Serve &


Balance of Power Series 2005/6:
Exhibited at ATHICA, Athens, GA

Ongoing Performance Photo/Video Project 2006-present


.k12 Series
Digital Photomontages & Audio


Video Shorts

Save Boston Public Schools (BPS) campaign, activist artwork including posters, t-shirts, DVD covers. Underwritten by BPS parent organizors. See my blog, for documentation.
"The Connector" Interactive Google Map/Oral history project on impact of urban renewal created for the Cultural Heritage Artist's Project of the Orchard Street Shul, 2009.


Warnings Series
Digital Photomontages & Video

>> National Tour: 1991-2003

>> Media Coverage

>> Interview, January 2006
Fund for Women Artists

Special Issue on 3 artists and reproductive health care
On Cindy Cooper's Blog, 1/1/08

Made in the USA
May, 2006




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